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Secondary vocational students test university into a trend!Secondary vocational students have many ways to go to school, you know?

2023-10-24 15:57:13

The way of secondary vocational education

A journey in life is like a boat sailing against the current, if you do not advance, you will fall back

Harbin Technical SchoolPrompt you only to do a detailed, forward-looking planning

Not in the middle of a steep climb

Mired in crisis

Secondary vocational students go to school you know?

The following ways must be good ~

01 Study at the opposite level

Harbin Technical School

The state selects some majors from the college enrollment plan, comes up with special indicators, and connects secondary vocational schools with higher vocational colleges and undergraduate colleges, so that graduates of secondary vocational schools can enroll through the examination of corresponding majors and enter ordinary colleges and universities。Students who graduate from college in the same year as students who pass the general college entrance examination and enter the university for further study enjoy the same treatment。

The advantage of matching study is to study and employment double insurance, studying the matching study class, there is a direct opportunity to enter the university, you can also choose direct employment, both study and employment。

Harbin Technical School

02 Higher vocational single move

Harbin Technical School


Compared with the ordinary college entrance examination, the single entrance examination not only looks at the cultural test, but also looks at the comprehensive test, such as skills, interviews, career orientation tests, etc., and the advantages of candidates with strong comprehensive ability can be reflected。

Some colleges and universities take a small number of examinations, high admission rate, professional to meet the needs of society, broad employment prospects。Therefore, higher vocational single enrollment has gradually become the mainstream way of secondary vocational students。

03 Five-year Higher Vocational Education (" 3+2 ")

Harbin Technical School

Five-year higher vocational education, also known as "junior high school starting college education", enrolls junior high school graduates and implements a five-year system of higher vocational education。

The first three years of the implementation of secondary vocational education management, performance assessment after the transfer to higher vocational colleges to continue to study for two years, the completion of the study issued by the Ministry of Education unified printed "ordinary higher education graduation certificate", the certificate indicates the five-year system of junior college words, and three-year junior college words are basically no different。This degree is a full-time college degree recognized by the state。

Harbin Technical School

04 College Entrance Examination

Harbin Technical School

Secondary vocational school is a high school education, secondary vocational school graduates and high school graduates can also take the general college entrance examination。

05 Adult education, online education and self-examination

Adult higher education entrance examination is a national unified admission examination, which is selected by adult colleges and universities according to the test results. The unified examination is held once a year, and students can only be enrolled after reaching the score line. The examination form is similar to the ordinary college entrance examination。

Youth is the time to learn skills as early as possible

Believe in Heilongjiang applied technology School

It will make your life beautiful

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